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The Dangerous Effects of Vaccines — Germ Theory Deception & The True Function of Viruses

The Dangerous Effects of Vaccines — Germ Theory Deception & The True Function of Viruses

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I am writing and compiling a work based on my study of viruses and vaccines, and these are a few sections covering pertinent topics surrounding that. This is intended for people that want in-depth information regarding vaccines and the true nature of viruses and bacteria in the human body.


  • Germ Theory
  • The Role of the Virus
  • How and Why Viruses are Not Contagious
  • The Processes and Function of the Virus
  • The Health Consequences
  • Why Vaccines Can Never Work
  • The Myth Behind Herd Immunity
  • Where Does Immunity Come From?
  • Vaccines and the Illusion of Immunity
  • What About Sanitation?
  • A Major Cause of Autism
  • RVIT: 'Rapid Vaccine Induced Toxicity'
  • What is Behind the Pro-Vaccination Push?
  • The Goal of Vaccination
  • Conclusion/References

Germ Theory

Much of modern day medical science is primarily predicated upon the well-known theory that bacteria cause disease—this is called the Germ Theory and was theorized by Louis Pasteur, and it states that microorganisms are form fixed, that every disease is caused by a type of microorganism, and that disease originates outside the body, and as such, can invade anyone3,1. And in order to prevent disease, vaccines and drugs must be utilized. However, is this the reality and nature of our world? Indeed, in modern medicine, it is now individual responsibility that is discarded in favor of the collective whole of medical science. This replaces individual health and responsibility and places it right in the hands of the medical practitioner. No longer can health be determined or known with exact means; even the thought that this could be so is casually and boldly dismissed. It is, in established medical doctrine, that only through medical and pharmaceutical means can mankind truly be healthy—this is a core tenet and reality of modern medicine, whether directly, or indirectly stated. This, in its very nature, ceases the trust between man and his own body, and erects in its place a wall, resulting in confusion, distrust, and ultimately war within the body itself.

Medical science seeks to blame nature; our very existence, for our own disease and misfortune. It is imperfect man that is imperfectly designed says the mind of the medical sciences. It is an evolutionary mishap that we have a predisposition to being unwell and filled with disease as a result. This is if you believe the whole of modern medicine. But as science has suggested in the past, it is always evolving, and yet, modern science seemingly dismisses possible error and foregoes the scientific method more often than not. That is why it is essential to have a healthy dose of skepticism of anything you are told regarding our nature and being, and the associated science therein. We know that science changes for the very fact that certain theories have developed over time when more information was present. But not all theories are proven, nor should they be written in stone, especially regarding the nature of viruses—a subject that was once heavily debated. It was Louis Pasteur who popularized the theory that germs cause disease, thereby seeming to outright dismiss his contemporary Claude Bernard's logical and rational theory of germs and disease, in which he argued for the importance of balance in the body's internal environment, which he named ‘le milieu intérieur’.

“The constancy of the interior environment is the condition for a free and independent life.” Bernard believed in the Terrain Theory, which was originated by Antoine Béchamp before him, and more or less states that man is responsible for his own health—That the human body relies on bacterium and viruses to cleanse the body, and is merely a side effect of this process wherein these bacteria and/or viruses are carrying out their normal functions in the body through feeding upon degenerative tissue to restore homeostasis. Germ Theory, however, states the opposite and is responsible for the existence of vaccinations, antibiotics, and pasteurization. Pasteur dismisses the occurrence of bacteria in natural foods, as a mishap of nature, which serves only to sicken man3—yet we ourselves are 99% bacterial creatures and only 1% human. What then are the effects of removing bacteria from man's diet? Indeed, without bacteria, we would not be alive. Bernard, however, believed that man is only susceptible to disease if homeostasis is out of balance; the internal balance within the body. Ask yourself, does this not correlate with your own life and observations of reality? This aptly explains why someone may be sickened with flu, yet someone around them is not. The microbe does not cause disease—the microbe is preventing and mitigating disease in the toxic condition and is a direct result of this circumstance. If in fact, as I believe, and as Bernard, and Béchamp before him believed; that bacteria and viruses are part of the human body's natural processes, it then stands to reason that their very nature is not at all what modern medical science has taught us—they are in fact the very opposite.

The Role of the Virus

Science itself states that viruses are not alive; that they are not living organisms. Viruses do not have a nucleus, nor a respiratory system. Unlike bacterium and parasites, a virus is not alive. Viruses are beholden to their host cell for direction, yet science states that viruses obtain their DNA and RNA from within the cell by itself after infecting cells, at which point they are then able to manufacture and replicate themselves within the cell. They are then ejected from the cell where they non-discriminatorily attack all cells within the body. However, through observation, it becomes apparent that viruses, in fact, are not non-discriminatory after-all. Viruses do not feed on healthy stable cells, just as a termite does not feed on healthy and living wood. It is through such works by Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard, that shows disease is predicated on the condition of the internal environment within the human body, and that viruses are a result of disease—not the cause. It, therefore, stands to reason that the normal janitorial functions of the body, when diminished and weakened through systemic toxicity, must find a way to cleanse itself of toxicity since the body is always trying to maintain relative balance and homeostasis.

Certain kinds of bacteria exist in the intestinal tract and the whole of the body in many various forms. Bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella, are responsible for feeding on and digesting food, then excreting it into tiny particles which cells can utilize and transport, thereby feeding the brain and body so that they can thrive and function properly. One of these methods of normal cleansing is phagocytosis, which is a very important type of cell responsible for cleansing other cells and absorbing foreign tissue and debris. However, when these normal janitorial functions have been largely poisoned and killed, the body must then find another way to cleanse itself. It utilizes the help of viral means to do so (viruses). At this point, cells as a whole conspire to cleanse themselves, and to do so, they manufacture solvents which are known as viruses—viruses are dissolving agents made up of protein.

These are directed via DNA or RNA embedded in the virus by the host cell to dissolve and cleanse dead tissue, cells, and foreign debris from the body. This process is utilized by the body to maintain homeostasis and detoxify the body when other less extreme variations of cleansing methods are reduced from systemic toxicity within the body. Béchamp believed, “The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us.” Microbes exist and are only active during the healing phase. Microbes only become active after the conflict phase is solved, and is the result of a long detoxification process, wherein the body gradually discards toxins over time, until its final push, which results in the symptoms associated with the flu or cold, or any such detoxification process wherein these substances are ejected and removed from the body. Toxins are then broken down into substances which can then be ejected from the body, via mucus, perspired out through the skin, or out the intestinal tract. 90% of toxins are meant to leave through the skin. The elimination of their broken down byproducts are the symptoms experienced in a cold or flu.

How and Why Viruses are Not Contagious

Science states that viruses are the problem and that they have no purpose other than to cause disease. Viruses seemingly infect host bodies, replicate, then somehow manage to continue to exist outside the human body, being passed into the air, never stopping the process of transmitting itself into the next bodily host. And yet, there are 320,000+ various virus strains inherent to the human body, which are all responsible for cleansing each area of the body and tissue. Each part of the body manufactures various strains of virus to deal with toxicity in each area. These are virus mutations to deal with increasingly new substances found in our modern lives. Substances that are not readily recognized by our bodily system. As such, new types of solvents must be manufactured by cells to cleanse the body properly. The very fact that modern science states that flu virus, for instance, can be prevented through inoculation, is absurd and dangerous. This, as I have laid out, is an impossibility and flies in the face of all logic and reason.

Microbes are not the cause of disease in the human body. They are the response and cure to disease. Science believes because these microbes show up at the area of disease, that they are the culprits, and are to blame. The truth, however, is that these microbes are present because they are carrying out their functions of healing and cleansing1—not because they are the cause of the disease which arose. Germ Theory has been tested via petri dish culture, and it shows that micro-organisms will reproduce in the presence of living cells. However, a petri dish environment does not include the whole environment of the human body, and all of its processes present and working in harmony that would feed upon debris and/or bacterial growth and stabilize or remove it2.

The Processes and Function of the Virus

Those processes are phagocytosis, bacterial, fungal, parasitical, and viral (virus). These first 4 are utilized to cleanse the body and tissue on a daily basis eating dead and dying tissue and debris—sometimes with the help of small amounts of viral activity to supplement them. However, when these bacteria and cells are largely killed because of modern toxicity from food, pollution, drugs, antibiotics, and other means, they can no longer function as they should. The cells will then come together and conspire to cleanse themselves as a whole unit, and largely manufacture soaps (viruses) to cleanse themselves. These viruses are created within the host cell and coded with RNA or DNA instructions to dissolve dead and dying cells, tissue, and debris. The virus is then ejected out through the cell, damaging part of it, but not destroying it. Antibodies (a type of white blood corpuscle) are sent to the area by the immune response in order to stabilize and direct the virus and its activity within the body. Viruses are soaps that dissolve debris within the bodily system so that new cellular activity can thrive. They are one of the last resorts when the body cannot utilize other milder methods of cleansing. Cancer likewise works in a similar function; however, its reason exists as a response to another problem; the body's inability to discard dead cells—the hardening of the lymphatic system and fluids therein is largely to blame.

The only way to get a virus is through injection, or natural means from within the body. In the former, a virus is manufactured as a response by cells to cleanse foreign debris from the body that has been injected. How can something that is not alive be contagious? Of course, modern science wants people to believe that viruses are non-discriminatory substances that attack all living cells, but this is not true. That is why the body houses 320,000+ virus strains inherent to the human body, all meant to deal with and cleanse certain areas of the body. Viruses are a last resort when bacterial, parasitical, and fungal processes have been smothered and reduced due to systemic toxicity. All of these are alive, but viruses are not alive—they are solvents that dissolve dead and dying tissue and cells, and debris—they are not living microbes. Viruses are created in their whole form cellularly. They are created from within the cell, by the cell, as a cleansing mechanism. Science states the opposite.

According to science, viruses originate outside the body, then 'hijack' the RNA or DNA of the cell somehow, and are then able to seemingly replicate on their own. If this were true, viruses would attack all healthy living cells, but they do not. As stated, It is true that some healthy cells sustain damage when the virus is ejected by the host cell, but this is temporary. Just as a termite does not eat living wood, a virus does not eat healthy living cells, except when the tissue cannot be easily cleansed—when it contains substances such as mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals that are embedded within the tissue. They want everyone to believe that viruses continue to replicate by themselves in the body and then are passed onto the next person through the air, thusly infecting each person endlessly without fail. Without life, a virus cannot reproduce. If they cannot reproduce, they cannot be contagious. Viruses cannot reproduce or duplicate themselves; it is impossible. Each cell manufactures them in their whole form. Since this is the case, they cannot be contagious. Since this is a reality, vaccines can never work. Scientists like Antoine Béchamp alluded to this long ago. If a virus is not contagious, then why do these vaccines exist, and how could they possibly work with this understanding?

The Health Consequences

Many people do not consider the long-term accumulative effects of vaccine toxicity, and believe because they do not experience symptoms soon after, that they are safe—they're not. This is one major reason why vaccines are so dangerous. The point at which vaccines begin to show clearly apparent damage in many cases is around 10-15 years, as mutations in the body take place, then moreso in the following generations thereafter (around 30 years), at which point more extreme mutations occur in the body, and disease manifests2. The body completely rebuilds itself replacing every cell and tissue every 40 years. This could account for the generational appearance of disease with respect to vaccines, as the body renews itself gradually over time. When the body decides to cleanse areas that contain sedimentation of those toxic elements, such as heavy metals, the body has a difficult time removing such substances because of their nature, and in the process, it causes damage to the system as they are discarded, especially the nervous system. Some issues arise earlier in some than in others—it is entirely body dependent, and correlated to how many vaccines one receives. As an example: If someone receives 50 vaccines by the time they are 18, the detrimental effects of their accumulation will be apparent around the time they are 45 years of age. This is if they are not already apparent beforehand, such as if a child developed vaccine-induced toxicity from an early age. Regardless when such disease manifested, that individual will see continued destruction of health in the long-term.

Why Vaccines Can Never Work

Consider that seasonal and temperature changes cause the body to dump toxins. Seasonal changes, such as winter, brings about cold and flu because bacteria levels increase during colder months. When bacteria increase and proliferate, their consumption and elimination of toxic byproducts will increase, and as such, the symptoms caused by their activity. However, flu and cold can happen to anybody at any time of the year, depending upon their toxicity level, and their bodily needs. Simply knowing this, it is easily determined that the entire premise behind vaccines is null and void. As stated, virus strains injected into the body cannot be utilized to build 'immunity' for the body does not recognize the substance entering the body—only that it must try to analyze and cleanse it from the body at once. Secondly, the fact that the body is home to 320,000+ different virus strains, tells us that no vaccine could ever work, and be predicated upon merely a few virus strains that they deem a threat—indeed, it is an impossibility. Each body produces a different type of virus strain to deal with that body's situation. Consider the statistics that are released via the CDC and other health organizations as nothing but manipulations and deception5,6.

Consider that families who eat the same foods, drink the same water, and breath the same air, will develop similar bodily habits and detoxification periods. This is merely an illusion that many believe is due to their ailment being contagious—however, this is not the case. Consider that 100's of school children in a school will develop colds and flu, or measles, and chickenpox, or any various number of viruses, and many others will not. Merely having a large group of human beings in one area is going to increase the number of illnesses, because of the fact that so many people are able to be monitored and tracked at once. I have observed many children around those that were sick that never 'contracted' any illness whatsoever. I have observed the same behavior in adults.

The Myth Behind Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is a somewhat believable myth that people have been indoctrinated with. People cannot seem to grasp the fact that viruses and bacteria are not contagious. Even if 100% of the entire population were vaccinated, you would continue to see the same illnesses in those populations that the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Why? Because the disease is a result of the condition of the interior environment of the body. Viruses are created in their whole form cellularly within the body—not from without. A virus cannot 'survive' without a host cell. But this is somewhat of a misnomer too, because a virus is not alive to reside anywhere. As stated, the only way to get a virus is for the body to create one to cleanse itself of toxic conditions when other less extreme methods have been reduced: bacterial, fungal, parasitical. Viruses are merely solvents meant to dissolve foreign debris, dead and dying cells, and toxicity. Only then will the body rely mostly on viruses. The only other way is through forced vaccination. This creates a condition wherein the body must rapidly try to cleanse itself of injected foreign debris. Each cell will then manufacture viruses to dissolve and eliminate such substances. However, this process of vaccination irritates the immune system, artificially elevating it to extreme levels due to adjuvants, creating mutant antibodies that do not go dormant for long periods of time. A natural virus created from within the body does not function in this manner.

Viruses and bacteria are necessary for our bodies to maintain relative homeostasis—they are our janitors. This is why the human body has 300,000+ various viruses strains meant to deal with each tissue and part in the body. How then can a vaccine, meant to stimulate some 'immunity' create said immunity by offering only 1 to 2 strains? Each person produces a different virus for that particular body and the part of the body which it is dealing with. The entire thinking behind vaccines is dangerous, and at odds with the reality of nature. Modern medical science seeks to blame nature for our downfall, pitting man against himself, instead of the poor choices of mankind; poor food, water, chemical additives, environmental toxicity, and other such factors. Thusly, this supports the dangerous notion that man should rely on other men, in this case, the medical profession, to truly save them from themselves. It takes the blame off of self, and places it in the hands of the medical practitioner, absolving self-responsibility, and giving it to a god that is mere man. The result is always the destruction of health.

Where Does Immunity Come From?

Immunity is established at an early age. The word 'immunity' is a misused word however, for immunity is not the proper term. Immunity in actuality is a relationship between microbe and man. By a child placing bacteria from their hands and surroundings into their mouth, they are developing this natural relationship which must occur early on in the development phase of the body. Without this relationship, sickness and maladies will occur due to improper bacterial development in the body. The body must have a relationship with its natural surroundings. As previously stated, the human body is comprised of 99% bacteria and is 10:1, or 1% human. It has been shown that pigs who live in sterile environments develop illnesses, and when those pigs were placed back into their 'dirty' environments, such illnesses vanished.

Likewise, man is seemingly on a quest to kill themselves by killing bacteria which makes up their own body. It is an impossibility to kill all bacteria, for doing so will kill the body. However, a large portion of bacteria can be killed, which will always lead to illnesses within the bodily system. Seemingly, much of medical science is predicated upon this great myth and deception. Antibiotics, processed and sanitized food, medicines that reduce bacterial levels within the system; these are all ways in which medical sciences seem to be functioning in a static landscape, void of truth and reality of our nature and existence of what keeps and makes us healthy. Immunity cannot come from vaccines, because vaccines do not create immunity—it is an impossibility. The body creates immunity only through a relationship with bacteria and viruses. We see a modern-day society filled with health consequences due in large part to the use and overuse of vaccinations, which foregoes the development of the body, thus, leading to health declines as a result. Those declines in health take the form of many ailments in our modern day and are ever-rising from day to day.

Vaccines and the Illusion of Immunity

Vaccination delays and foregoes the proper development of the body, thereby causing detoxifications to occur at a later stage, during adulthood. These detoxifications would have been mild when young, and completed their processes, and passing on. However, vaccines forego the development of the nervous system and body as a whole, as it places its energy into maintaining relative homeostasis because of toxicity—in this case; removing vaccine contamination from the blood and body in an attempt to decrease the immune response, and cleanse the body. This process ultimately does damage to the bodily system because it causes prolonged unnatural responses that are extreme. Such responses cause the body to go into a phase whereby the body is focused on the current process, rather than that of building and growing. The body can only focus on one major thing at once, while reducing other processes as it does so. This results in the body delaying the development of two major points: the nervous system, and the brain. However, this process takes many forms, and indeed, vaccines are designed as a way to short-circuit this response by the body in various ways. Vast sums of money are poured into vaccines—The goal: to elicit just enough of a response to do the damage described above without widespread detection. That damage becomes clearer in many cases as time goes on, but when that time comes, vaccines are free from view and not blamed. It is therefore pertinent to understand this key factor in vaccine behavior, and how they operate within the human body. Damage can occur soon after, immediately, or in the long-term. The result is always varying levels of detriment.

What About Sanitation?

The idea that these diseases are caused by a lack of proper sanitation is not accurate. Sanitation with regards to chemical pollution, of course, is another matter altogether that would, in fact, prevent a large number of diseases caused from environmental toxin accumulation, which accounts for a large portion of current diseases. Most of these diseases are caused by such problems—not poor sanitation. However, clean water, without pollution or contamination, as well as clean air and food are essential, as well as access to certain foods; proper nutrition. Bacteria are responsible for our health. It is not bacteria that cause such illnesses, but rather, systemic toxicity that is plaguing mankind. Improper amounts of bacteria in the body in our modern day are also largely to blame. Man is so clean that they are sick. We see exponential growth of disease as toxicity levels have increased. In ancient times, it was due to varying problems, such as contamination from metallic vessels with which to eat and drink. Those vessels were mostly made of lead and other such metals. Coal burning in homes caused the black plague because coal releases mercury vapors into the air when burned, and residents breathed those fumes into the lungs, causing black lung. Science blamed a rat.

The polio outbreak of the 1950s was most assuredly caused from the spraying of DDT and from the introduction of canned foods, which accumulated metallic toxicity in the brain, and thusly, the spine; both attributing to causing polio. Polio is an ancient disease and is merely a virus which is manufactured by the body to cleanse the brain and spinal column. However, such viruses have a tendency to eat away at healthy tissue attempting to remove heavy metals embedded within them. Thusly, paralysis can occur at varying levels. On top of this, the Salk vaccine contributed perpetuated this disease further after it had already regressed from the population naturally. Statistics were manipulated, and the definition of polio was changed, as was the symptoms needed to classify cases as polio1.

Yet, polio and polio-like diseases still exist in many forms today, such as spinal meningitis and other similar neurological maladies. Polio increased dramatically after the vaccine was introduced, but mainly in people who received multiple polio vaccines. Poliomyelitis is a detoxification of the spinal column. It takes many generations for the spinal cord to become toxic in the population, at which point the population will detoxify all at the same time. However, when canned foods came into existence, this caused a quickening of the polio detoxification to occur—the Salk vaccine took credit for the disappearance of polio, on the heels of its resolution. The progression toward modern-day autism has occurred in a somewhat likewise manner. The introduction of vaccines has gradually increased autism rates over a period of 30 years. While autism can exist without vaccines, (yet is always due to environmental factors) it is vaccines that have caused the astronomical increase of such disorders.

A Major Cause of Autism

Most children in the modern age are being injected with 35-50+ vaccines by the time they are 18. This equals a large amount of toxin accumulation being stored in the body, which results in disease at a later point in life. This is why vaccine damage can be less directly and readily observable—because it is somewhat untraceable, for they are not looking 10-20 years out from the point of vaccination when these problems can manifest, nor are they observing the right areas. Aside from this, it is not the ingredients solely themselves that are the issue. It is the vaccine in whole. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, even if the vaccine contained just an 'inactivated' virus tissue. When you inject someone with foreign debris, the body can and many times will go into shock and die. If this foreign animal tissue is injected into the body, the body cannot find the reason or cause for its existence, or when that virus will be active. The body is alerted through the immune response, which sends antibodies to the area. But unlike a natural virus originating in the bodily system, this process develops mutant antibodies to fight off and cleanse that debris from the blood and system as quickly as possible.

The aluminum adjuvant irritates and provokes the immune system further into the processes stated above. Because of the creation of these mutated antibodies that do not go dormant for many years, the immune response is artificially elevated for long periods of time, causing damage to the brain and eroding the myelination around the brain, opening the brain up to more nerve damage with subsequent vaccinations1. This process ultimately causes sludging and coagulation in the arteries leading to and around the brain, which causes various levels of paralysis from lack of adequate blood flow; stroke in the brain—autism. This process can happen quickly in a child's body because they do not have proper myelination to protect their brains or nerve tissue. This incurs what I call RVIT: 'Rapid Vaccine Induced Toxicity', leading to the various levels of paralysis stated above. The level of damage can occur over one vaccine, or after multiple vaccines. It is entirely body dependent.

(Note: Mutated antibodies also occur when antibiotics are used, and appear in the same manner as they do in vaccination.)

RVIT: 'Rapid Vaccine Induced Toxicity'

A primary way in which autism can occur is through what I call 'Rapid Vaccine Induced Toxicity' (RVIT), after birth. This occurs almost instantly in children who receive vaccinations, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine given merely 24 hours after birth or before. As stated, myelination has not yet occurred to its full extent and does not begin to fully develop until the age of 20 and into early adulthood. This means that the elevated immune response, and the resultant infection, is much more likely to cause damage to the function of the brain bringing about developmental autism; a stunted growth wherein the brain and nervous system cannot properly develop as it should. Without proper myelin, the brain is not insulated or protected. This is why vaccine-induced toxicity is such a problem for children. This process of rapid vaccine-induced toxicity also has the potential of occurring at slightly later stages other than newborn (2-6 years of age), if vaccines are administered.

What is Behind the Pro-Vaccination Push?

A large portion of the population is now awakening to the dangers of vaccination, and as such, those in power must attempt to curb this prevailing influence. It is through complex and targeted propaganda that they are able to manipulate the minds of a large number of people into a certain way of thinking. This certain way of thinking always comes to be a detriment to the person who succumbs to it, never being in their favor. Through such means, they are able to slowly and silently guide and direct the populace into a predetermined outcome, and directly into the waiting arms of tyranny; medical tyranny—one of the worst forms, for it seeks control of the body and mind, and through their deception, their progression towards a totalitarian state is made more possible. The incredible push by sinister forces to inoculate the population, seemingly against their will, is both alarming and disturbing, for such actions will affect generations to come and will indeed be part and parcel to this force establishing total control and consolidating their power.

Imagine a world where vaccinations are forced upon the whole of the people. A world in which the government maintains complete control over one's body. That is the place we are progressing toward if it is not stopped. Herein lies the purpose of the great push to demonize those that question vaccines. A people who are not healthy of mind, body, and spirit, are no threat to such a force. However, the solution to the problem is one that will test the courage of those who are truly against vaccines and all that they entail. We must be willing to go against the grain and be against the use of vaccines altogether. This, for some, is a chance they are not willing to take because of the immense amount of indoctrination with which they have been filled with from an early age. Vaccines are not the answer to eradicating disease—they are one of a great many causes of disease that must be eliminated if the world wishes to rid itself of such problems.

We must recognize that we are deceived, take a risk, and be willing to go against the whole of the medical sciences and status quo, facing opponents with the truth. I say risk, but the outcome will always be better health when abandoning vaccination. Yet, this is a decision that many will have trouble with because of the strong degree of indoctrination already present in them. But once that transition is made, the truth becomes abundantly clear, as does the deception. The entire doctrine of vaccination is predicated upon propaganda, based around fear, emotion, and a great misunderstanding of the origin of disease—something that was seemingly understood in the 1800s, but something which is not understood in the 21st century, mostly on purpose. In this way, it is incredibly successful, because people are not willing to risk their lives to see what the truth is. As long as individuals do not understand their bodies and the true functions of it, there will be continuing exploitation of irrational fears and emotions, with many suffering as a result.

The Goal of Vaccination

It has become clear to me over the years that vaccines are being used for sinister purposes. They have been successfully administrated throughout the populations without much conflict, due largely to the fact that medical practitioners do not question their jobs and what they have been taught. However, as illnesses rise due to vaccines, more advanced propaganda must take form to veil the fact that damage is being done. They go about this through various means, one of which is ample use of the Hegelian Dialectic. Through this method, they are able to brainwash the multitude into accepting something that is against their own selves, and their own freedoms and rights as human beings. They have written complex and well 'thought-out' doctrine, which medical students and practitioners are taught as the gospel truth. This deception spans the whole of the medical field and virology and has been foisted upon the people as the truth and nothing but the truth. They are taught not to question, nor challenge.

They have used a provably false theory, the Germ Theory, as the catalyst behind modern day practices concerning the treatment of bacteria and viruses. And, as such, they have attempted to castrate the body of its ability to function, by removing the prime objects that keep us alive, treating them as a mishap of nature. Science, in its arrogance, believes it has so much figured out. In hindsight, it should be obvious to the logical thinker that modern science has concealed and confused the truth, and in so doing, has misled millions of people. The goal of vaccinations is multi-faceted. The primary goal is to bring about a docile attitude in the majority of the population. Vaccines intend, alongside other factors, to bring about weakness and sickness in the people. By doing so, they are more easily able to bring about their vision of totalitarian control4, 6.


As the awakening to the dangers of vaccination increases, so to will pro-vaccine propaganda in all forms of media. Everyone must do their due diligence in finding the truth. We will see an incredible increase in such tactics as these so-called outbreaks will be made to appear as an increasing and out of control epidemic, as they have done in times past (See: Spanish Influenza)4. This tactic is being used now for the measles case. Why? Because measles is a common ailment, regardless of their ridiculous and false claim that it was irradicated by the use of vaccines—it wasn't. As such, they are able to play upon this ailment, and the indoctrination of parents, in order so that they may convince them to go out and get their children vaccinated against measles; a very mild, but necessary illness that detoxifies the lymphatic system and skin that should be allowed to run its course. The push for vaccinations will ramp up to great levels of deception, unlike we have seen before. This information serves as a warning to those interested in the truth in this age of deception and is more important now than ever before. The premise behind vaccines is false and dangerous. Vaccines and the people behind them are responsible for the deaths of many, and the injuries of many more. Unfortunately, many people align themselves with the enemy and are ignorant of the truth. This is indeed unfortunate, and even the truth for many will not be enough to sway such ignorance, for they are not opened to that truth.


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